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Common Anxiety Symptoms

Anxiety and panic attacks can have many symptoms, so there is really no way to compile a definitive list. However, I have arranged a list of the most common symptoms of anxiety and panic attacks that I have heard about or experienced over the years.

If you have a symptom you don't see on the list, don't be alarmed. These are only the common anxiety symptoms I could recall on this particular day:

1. Racing Heart, Palpitations or "Heart Attack-Like" Symptoms

2. Shortness of Breath

3. Painful Shyness

4. Nausea

5. Stomach Cramps/IBS

6. Fear of Driving (driving anxiety)

7. "Tingling" in the Arms and Legs

8. Excessive Yawning

9. Chest Pains

10. Frequent Blushing

11. Hyperventilation

12. Unexplained Muscle Soreness

13. Dizziness/ Feeling Faint

14. Obsessive Thoughts

15. Headaches

16. Nerve Discomfort in the Face

17. Feelings of "Unrealness"/ Detachment

18. Shaking

19. Nail biting

20. Fear of Flying

21. Dry Mouth

22. Insomnia

23. Nervous Ticks

24. Hyperventialation

25. Shortness of Breath

26. Accute Self-Awareness

27. Feeling of Paranoia/Being Under "Attack"

28. Sudden Feelings of Inferiority

29. Grinding Teeth

30. Unexplained Trouble Swallowing

31. Excessive "fidgiting"

32. Stammering/Stuttering

33. Muscle Weakness

34. Sudden Unexplained Tiredness

35. Profuse Sweating

Again, I want to stress that the above is NOT a definitive list, but just a few of the most commonly reported anxiety symptoms.

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