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Do You Need Medication for Public Speaking Anxiety?

anxiety medicationIs it worthwhile to take medication for public speaking anxiety? Many people try talking to their doctor about their anxiety with public speaking, but overwhelmingly, doctors tend to "throw pills at the problem,” prescribing one or more so-called anti-anxiety medications.

While there are medications that can temporarily ease anxiety, such as that experienced in public speaking, unfortunately, many of these pharmaceuticals also have a fairly nasty side effects, and most can even be habit-forming, causing the user to depend upon the medication more and more for even the simplest of day-to-day tasks.

Surveys consistently show that public speaking is many people's greatest fear, but the fact is there is no medication specifically designed to alleviate public speaking anxiety. The various types of anti-anxiety medications tend to deal more with general life based anxiety, not with specific, and situational, anxiety such as public speaking.

But there is a real alternative to taking medication for public speaking anxiety. In fact, public speaking anxiety is caused by the same underlying "thinking habits" as all anxiety symptoms. Programs such as the EasyCalm video series for anxiety contain daily exercises to gradually expand your "comfort zone" and make anxiety less likely to occur in any situation, not just public speaking.

The EasyCalm program is an alternative to trying to use medication for public speaking and other situational anxiety problems. The program is all natural, so there are no negative side effects or risk of dependency. You don't need medication for public speaking anxiety -- you simply need a natural program to address the root causes of the anxiety. Try EasyCalm for yourself and find out just how easy it can be.

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